Subject: More Info on the Schubb that tried to steal Folkscene
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 16:44:07 -0500
From: "Lyn Gerry"


Personally, I think the most effective thing to do is work for the removal of Schubb, by working for the removal of the people who put him there and keep him there, the Pacifica Board of Directors. You can help donating instead to the legal fund. Not only will this keep that effort going and help get the truth out, it will also lower Schubb's fundraising totals, which will make him apoplectic.

    Free Pacifica Legal Action/Vanguard Foundation
    c/o The Vanguard Public Foundation
    383 Rhode Island Street, Suite 301
    San Francisco, CA 94103

(contributions are tax-deductible)

One thing that has not been mentioned anywhere as far as I know is that the Larmans were actually the *target* of the infamous y2k contract. Schubb admitted to others at the station that his strategy was to get all the other programmers to sign, and then use that fact to browbeat the Larmans. Although Schubb claims that other programmers signed out of concern for the station's well-being, the fact is that they believed that if they refused to sign, they would be removed from the air. It is very difficult for people on the outside to understand what a reign of terror has been taking place at KPFK for the past 5 years.

The contract in question was not necessary for webcasting and none of the other Pacifica stations have such a contract. The objectionable language had nothing to do with webcasting anyway.

The whole contract was created in order to get revenge on the Larmans who refused to make Schubb the "producer" of their previous CD - which Schubb demanded by no other right than the coincidental fact that he happens to be manager at KPFK. Schubb wanted 100 per cent of the CD sales, plus the ability to brag that he had "produced" a CD for fundraising purposes, even though he had done absolutely nothing to contribute to the effort. Unfortunately for him, and the Larmans, his attempt at self- promotion went awry.

Schubb will go to any lengths to destroy anyone who he sees a challenge to his fiefdom, and this personal pathology is the rationale for many management decisions at KPFK. This is why those who are looking for a logical explanation for what happens at KPFK have a hard time making the pieces fit.

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