Sent 27 Oct 2000

Your article on KPFK's canceling "Folkscene" quoted Mark Schubb as saying, "People use radio like an appliance. If they find something they enjoy listening to, they'll listen to it. It's a wonderful time slot. Whatever we put there, we'll find an audience."

The question I have as a long time KPFK supporter is this: Will "whatever we put there" be as high a quality program as "Folkscene"? If so, where does Mr. Schubb propose to come up with a $120,000 per year production budget (a conservative estimate of the value of the effort contributed by the volunteers and musicians that make "Folkscene" happen)? If not, does this demonstrate his "listeners be damnded" attitude and acceptance of second rate programing?

Geo. McCalip

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