Sent 22 Oct 2000

An Open Email to Mark Schubb

Mr. Schubb,

I understand that you have a counter proposal from the Larmans and their attorney which has been sitting on your desk with no comment since Wednesday.

In your previous email, you said, "KPFK made every attempt to resolve the problem with Roz and Howard, including an offer to try mediating our differences through a neutral professional mediator, which they flatly refused. Their decision is truly regrettable; we wanted FolkScene to continue on KPFK."

If you truly want Folkscene on KPFK, the least you could do is read and respond to their proposal. As I said in my previous email, "you have no credibility out of either face, and I will no longer support the station as long as you are associated with it."

Given the incredible lack of integrity between your words and your deeds, I would not blame Howard and Roz if they took "Folkscene" to another station, nor would I blame the Board of KPFK if they hired a new General Manager.

Geo. McCalip
Film Club Member until March 2001

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