Though we may never see the inside of KPFK again (unless the board wakes up), we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we all did our best to show the Pacifica Board and the general public what kind of a man Mark Schubb really is. I have remained silent so far. I was not contacted by the LA Times because I was out of town and the article couldn't wait. I have a few ideas for "an open letter to Mark Schubb" that I have been jotting down. I may get to finally speak out in a possible piece in the "New Times" that Roz told me about. Though I want to choose my words carefully, I do want the audience to know how I feel....that I am not just sitting back and accepting this situation. I am NOT... He has underestimated this audience greatly, in my opinion. If we were broadcasting to the Latino, African-American or Gay audiences, he would be a lot more careful than he has been, I think. But he percieves our audience as white and middle class, so what the hell, piss 'em off for a while. They'll get over it. Maybe. But they won't return to 90.7 any time soon and neither will their dollars. Not only will KPFK lose the subsciption money from our listeners, they will also lose the "in-kind" dollars they get for my labors. Every year, I fill out and sign a form stating that I have done around 250 hours or so doing Folkscene and that my normal hourly rate is $85.00 (which it is) By my calculations, that's over $17,000 a year that they will give up. Does the board know this?

You know, in all the commotion over Folkscene and who has control over what, it never seemed to occur to Mr. Schubb that I made the recordings in question and, as such, have an equal legal claim to them to the Larmans. No attempt was made to make ME "work for hire"! Good thing. I wouldn't sign such a thing under any conditions whatsoever. I have NEVER been paid a penny to do this program. To call me "work for hire", or any of us for that matter, is absurd and insulting. So, even if the Larmans were to sign Mr. Schubb's agreement, he would then have ME to deal with. And if he thinks Roz Larman is difficult, he hasn't seen ANYTHING yet.

Mr. Schubb and KPFK will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER gain any control whatsoever over recordings I have made.....PERIOD. Thirty years of historic and valuable recordings have just "left the building" FOREVER. Wave bye bye, Mark.

I could go on and on....I'm sure you can feel my anger and frustration burning right through your hard drive! Please feel free to either quote me or ask me for any other statements for your website. Our audience needs to know that I am not accepting this passively. We are a team at Folkscene. What is done to one of us is done to all of us. I feel just as attacked as the Larmans. And I will fight just as hard as well.



Peter Cutler
"Folkscene" engineer

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